We have share in this tutorial how to install and configuration codeigniter. CodeIgniter is an open source Web Application framework built in PHP designed to make your life as a programmer easier, while allowing you good speed for development, and also good performance when the site is up and running.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Clean and elegant MVC implementation
  • Uses Active Record pattern for database access
  • Overall small footprint and good performance


CodeIgniter framework.
Any Apache/PHP/MySQL (Like: LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP). You can install the applications independently, or install one of those packages that have all of them bundled together.

How to install and configuration codeigniter. See the following Steps

Step 1 : Download CodeIgniter

Download current version of CodeIgniter framework.

Step 2 : Installing CodeIgniter:

To install CodeIgniter, you only need to Unzip the package to the htdocs {OR} www directory of your Web Server.

nfig.php file with text editor and set base URL.


Step 4 : Testing CodeIgniter
Then check CodeIgniter application running properly

Step 5 :CodeIgniter .htaccess and URL rewrite
1- Make below changes in application/config/config.php file

2- Make .htaccess file in your root directory using below code

3- Enable the rewrite engine (if not already enabled)

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